I declare Thursday as my NaBloPoMo mulligan.  Mulligan - golf term: the chance to replay one’s last shot; a do-over for a badly hit shot. Sat down about 7 o’clock to watch the news and next thing I knew it was 2 a.m. I’m like a shark. If shark stops swimming, it drowns and dies. … Continue reading Fore!

Idle Hands

I have few hobbies. I like to take photographs, read and crochet. My aunt taught me how to make Granny Squares when I was around ten, since then I’m mostly self-taught. If only the internet and Pinterest were around when I was a kid… Since first reports about COVID19 in January, then the subsequent “shelter … Continue reading Idle Hands

Day trips

  Time for another Dani the Rescue Dog update. She is still progressing, getting a little less scared as time goes on. Mister is still her favorite, though I am slowly inching up her “Not a Bad Hooman” list. She will stand up and take a treat from my hand. I don’t have to lay it … Continue reading Day trips

Zombie Tree

Because I adore her and want to grow up to be her, I agreed to join Melisa’s NaBloPoMo game. (“Agreed” is a misnomer. I got called out.) If you’re unfamiliar with NaBlo… hell, National Blog Posting Month, the gist is that you write every day of November, and post those musings either to your blog … Continue reading Zombie Tree