Idle Hands

I have few hobbies. I like to take photographs, read and crochet. My aunt taught me how to make Granny Squares when I was around ten, since then I’m mostly self-taught. If only the internet and Pinterest were around when I was a kid…

Since first reports about COVID19 in January, then the subsequent “shelter at home” pronouncements, I’ve had a lot of idle time on my hands. What better way to use that time, than to crochet?

I know, I do know of a lot of better things to do, I’m taking some poetic license here. 

Going back through my iphoneography library, I didn’t realize how many projects I have finished during the pandemic. Baby and kid gifts, sweaters and vests, afghan and tablecloths, shawls and wraps. I surprised myself.

There are also a few WIP that I’ve worked on in fits and starts, putting aside these projects to make something for someone else. (The bottom three images are works in progress)

The So Far This Year photo gallery…

NaBloPoMo20 3/30

11 thoughts on “Idle Hands

  1. Nice. I had started a cloak for a D&D character in the every other Saturday evening game my boyfriend DM’d before this all started. I’ve been working on it, adding vines and flowers to it, and have been having fun finding new flower and leaf patterns (not making all of them) for it.

    I haven’t finished as many other things, even tho I have a messenger bag pattern I designed that I like to make often that I’ve made a few of. Not much else.

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    1. I probably has as many unfinished, begun and set aside, projects as I have completed. I get excited about a new pattern and can’t wait to get started… much like books I read.


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