And they call her Sally

We have a wee bit of a rain storm brewing in our corner of the Gulf. It’s expected to rain for two solid days. (I’ll come back to this later.)

Hurricane Sally is churning away in the Gulf of Mexico, downgraded to a Cat. 1, possibly growing again to Cat. 2 by landfall, which is expected early Wednesday morning.

While we’re not in Sally’s direct path, we are snuggling close in her eastern bonds.

Weather trivia:

If you’re not where a hurricane makes landfall, the second worst location is in its eastern bands. Bands being the concentric rings of rain and thunderstorms radiating out from the storm’s eye. They can range from a few miles to tens of miles wide.

In the Northern hemisphere hurricanes rotate counterclockwise. Being on the eastern side, or dirty side, of a hurricane means you get the wind speed plus the full forward velocity. We are located in an area that is under a hurricane warning.

  • Warning: Storm conditions are expected within a certain area.
  • Watch: Storm conditions are possible within a certain area.

Forecasts are for 10-15 inches of rain, but winds only about 25-35 mph with guts up to 40 mph. A storm doesn’t reach hurricane status until it has sustained winds over 73 mph. Oh, and tornado warnings… see above.

All this weather talk buries my lede.

Dani has taken several steps backward the past 3 or 4 days. She’s again refusing to go outside by herself. Mister is back to carrying her.

Sally’s rain, wind and scary noises won’t be very conducive to encouraging Dani to be brave and walk out that door like the diva she can be.

I have my jellyfish galoshes and my pink daisy umbrella, and fully expect to be standing guard over my peeing and pooping pup for the next few days.

One thought on “And they call her Sally

  1. Animals know when something is coming in the weather. That’s probably part of what has her spooked. Take care of yourselves!


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