A lot going on

It’s been a wild time around here that last couple weeks.. We had a hurricane knocking on our door, a new long over due roof topping off our house, and Dani riding a wild roller coaster of anxiety and redemption. Several days before Hurricane Sally crashed into the Gulf Coast – about 50 miles west […]

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And they call her Sally

We have a wee bit of a rain storm brewing in our corner of the Gulf. It’s expected to rain for two solid days. (I’ll come back to this later.) Hurricane Sally is churning away in the Gulf of Mexico, downgraded to a Cat. 1, possibly growing again to Cat. 2 by landfall, which is […]

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Waiting game

Winds bellow, rains rage A storm’s coming, where or when It’s a waiting game I live on the Florida Panhandle and am watching Hurricane Irma’s track very closely. Current forecasts have the storm skirting around where I live, so I think we’re safe. Hopefully, she’ll continue moving more east-northeast into open water, and away from […]

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100 Word Challenge: Weather

tropical storm Lee

Today, June, 1, is opening day for the 2016 Hurricane Season. Living along the Gulf Coast, I am intimately familiar with these tropical storms. After 20 years in Florida, I’ve seen apocalyptic devastation, and have weathered ferocious wind and rain with my camera to get that perfect storm shot. I’ve already pulled a link into […]

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Season salt

tropical storm waves

Florida has three seasons – Spring, Summer and Hurricane. From June 1 through November 30, conditions are right for the formation of hurricanes. More than just a little wind and rain, hurricanes can rip the siding off houses, and upend boats then deposit them in the tops of trees. Storm surges, the rising level of […]

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Storm chaser

Tropical Storm Lee

I am fascinated by storms. – the more violent the better. When I lived in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I loved watching lightning storms rolling across the sky. It was magical. Electricity crackling above me, the tingle of rain hitting exposed skin, and the acrid smell of sulfur, was like hell […]

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