pet grave marker

Good and faithful friend Life lived well, love embodied Unconditional Photo: Grave marker at St. Francis Assisi pet cemetery, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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A puddle of sunlight

sleeping grey tabby cat

His seemingly boneless body melted into a puddle of sunlight flooding through the French doors, his soft purring the only proof of life. A morning of intense parkour – ranging along the couch back, hopping to the desk top, skipping across towering bookshelves, to defying gravity arcing vertical walls – exhausted him. Conservation of movement […]

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100 Word Challenge: Cat

cat in a Christmas tree

Holiday gift procurement is nearing completion. My kids’ Santa list is pretty much done. The Mister’s gift has been ordered and on-time delivery promised. I still have to finish a couple of handmade presents, and ship a few items to my ‘rents, but for the most part, I’m done, or at least see the twinkling lights […]

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New additions

Mother cat and kitten

Last week my son and I took off on a road trip to visit my parents in Tennessee. Well… that’s what we told the ‘rents. The actual reason for the trip was to deliver our last Little Kitten to her Forever Home, seeing grandparents was an added bonus. A dear friend fell in love with […]

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Keeping the dogs at bay

sunrise over water

The first grumblings woke her at 5:23:17 a.m. Liv knew the precise time because those were the numbers staring back at her when she opened her left eye long enough to see the blurry, neon green numbers on her bedside clock. It was only her left eye because her right was blocked by the grey […]

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