Keeping the dogs at bay

sunrise over water

The first grumblings woke her at 5:23:17 a.m. Liv knew the precise time because those were the numbers staring back at her when she opened her left eye long enough to see the blurry, neon green numbers on her bedside clock. It was only her left eye because her right was blocked by the grey […]

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100 Word Challenge: Emotion

four kittens

It’s been almost two weeks since my family took in five newborn kittens and their mother. You can check out the sordid story at “Help Save Momma Cat & Kittens.” I’ll wait… (musical interlude 🎶) Now that you’re back… The three-week old kittens are getting bottle feedings every four hours, routine sink baths (kittens are a very messy […]

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100 Word Challenge: Divine

rag doll cat

This week, I am the pet whisperer. Not really, but I am pet sitting for two friends. One, a little, wiry terrier-ish dog belonging to my next door neighbor, and the other, my beach buddy’s ragdoll cat. The two, aside from being separate species, are totally different. Dixie is a jittery thing. Sometimes, when her […]

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Morning routine

broken glass

It was pure chaos. The dogs found my new book, tearing it into pieces before I could finish reading it. I still haven’t found the back cover. Trying to pick up all the shredded paper, I discovered a spot where the cat yakked up another hairball… with my bare foot. It was worse than stepping on […]

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100 Word Challenge: Manners

walking dogs

My two rescue dogs (yes, it’s important that I include the “rescue” designation), have become my writing muses. While on our walks, all sorts of interesting things happen which give me ideas for this writing prompt. Take Monday morning – we’re on the our last leg of our walk, in the home stretch. I saw another […]

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In for the kill

cat and toy mouse

The brindle cat was on the prowl. She sauntered down the darkened hallway, caterwauling. The fur ball had a mouse and was bringing it home to feed her family. Mom was half asleep, but was brought fully awake when the cat pounced on the bed, dragging her catch with her. Depositing the freshly-caught, furry wet […]

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