Another step forward

You might not recognize it as such, but this ^  is a baby step forward.

Thursday afternoon, when Dani was taken outside for her post-lunchtime potty break, she didn’t instantly bolt for her safe place. Instead, she meandered around the backyard, stopping to pee, to nose around in a pile of wet leaves, and stiff for unmarked patches of dirt.

When she did head for her safe place (southwest corner of the backyard), she didn’t run, but rather trotted. A small differentiation you could say, but still a measurable distinction.

That Dani is also sitting up, bright-eyed, and not digging a deeper sandy hole, downcast expression – another good sign.

The day before, she was a trembling, frightened pup. It was storming, and I can only imagine that the thunder was triggering for her. She spent most of the day cowering against the couch, just within arms reach where I could keep a reassuring hand on her.

I hope that one day, and a day not too far into the future, I can look back at these chronicles and marvel at how far Dani has come.

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