Wherein she whines

Here I am at just a week shy of three months knee replacement post-op . Most days, I’m doing great. There is still some swelling and muscle fatigue, but no pain in the knee itself. Flexibility in my right knee is nearly the same as my left and continues to improve. I can do pretty [...]

No wake

No wake

They serve as a reminder that life is not easy It is not safe to dip your toe in the water Don’t venture out too deep There are leviathan and krakens Lying in wait, ready to carry you into the fathomless abyss Whales to swallow you whole Sharks to eat you alive It is not [...]


Some days you simply need a cooler head to look at a situation and tell you to calm the hell down. My brain is a jumble, and right now it feels like a tangled mess that I can't unravel. I'm extremely distracted and am having a difficult time concentrating on anything longer than a few [...]


Cracked, but not broken. Spider-webs of glass, silky spirals tenuous and fragile, Weakened, but whole. Each piece a part of the puzzle, linked together Creating beauty out of trauma, art out of drama. Sharp edges a reminder to proceed with caution Over a façade rough to the touch, but needing a gentle hand. Tender still [...]