Skin deep beauty

Sublimely chic, seductively breathy
Stylishly smug and fashionably proud
The merciless type with skin deep beauty

Her features flawless, her body well endowed
Not a hair out-of-place, her curl flirtatious
Perfectly arched eyebrows can quell any crowd

She carries herself with an air of blitheness
Indifferent to jealous stares, and shameless lust
Like a dancer, her cool poise is effortless

A smile, a gaze, a touch, she’s at her cruelest
Her intent hidden behind a sultry mask
She conceals self-doubt like a makeup artist

The Darkroom badge

Inspiration: Head and Shoulders

  1. Perfectly matched to that photo. Then that last line brings in a whole new meaning. Nicely done!

    Liked by 1 person


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