Parade ready

She assembles intentions with great care, Positioning them in a tight phalanx, An army of brave soldiers preparing for warfare. First to last, major to minor, at parade ready. Her ambitions await her direction, A cue to proceed into the nebulous fray. Tensions high, anticipation hopeful. Best laid plans can be lead stray Without reinforcements … Continue reading Parade ready

Skin deep beauty

Sublimely chic, seductively breathy Stylishly smug and fashionably proud The merciless type with skin deep beauty Her features flawless, her body well endowed Not a hair out-of-place, her curl flirtatious Perfectly arched eyebrows can quell any crowd She carries herself with an air of blitheness Indifferent to jealous stares, and shameless lust Like a dancer, … Continue reading Skin deep beauty


gray foggy beach

You sought to dull my voice, Casting my words into the blankness, Tossed and swallowed with malice. In your cruelty you rejoice. No guiding star to lead me On a path I did not choose, I stumble, yet still refuse This penance defiantly. Engulfed in poisoned air Deafened by brackish lies, blinded By your razor-edged hatred … Continue reading Tideland