Throne of woes


What an exquisite imbroglio we have made
This mess of our own doing, our undoing
Breaking cardinal rules and throwing shade

Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives devaluing
Losing our souls whilst claiming all lives matter
Brothers, fathers, husbands, sons murdering

He who would be king, despot, imposter
By deed, by word, by thought, by fear and hate
Paltry tribute paid to a greedy grafter

Our heroes impotent, rule they abdicate
Blame is shared en masse, to truth we are blinded
Duty, honor, reason indiscriminate

Our false savior professes to be like-minded
Too late his real self is revealed most abhorrent
Seeks no absolution for sins confided

This mess we’ve made setting a miscreant
On a throne of power, his reign indecent

Imbroglio / Mess

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