Finishing school

It’s that old canard - some fancy girl disappears for several months, no one knows where or isn’t saying, and tongues wag about how the family sent her off to avoid causing them any embarrassment. Gwyneth was such a girl. She simply disappeared one night. Her parents deflected questions or gave noncommittal answers as to her … Continue reading Finishing school

Posted: No diving

I was keen on leaving the city to escape the craziness that my life had become. It wasn’t tourist season, so the beach seemed the perfect place for some much-needed relaxation. First day there, I strolled out on the fishing pier. Massive concrete stanchions carried the boardwalk far enough out into the surf that you … Continue reading Posted: No diving

Socked away

The primly dressed young woman stood nervously on my doorstep clutching a notebook. On her crooked arm, she carried a small canvas tote decorated with a stylized graphic of a cat in military garb. Feeling under-dressed in my threadbare flannel PJ pants and throwback concert tee, I let her continue her solicitation spiel uninterrupted. “With … Continue reading Socked away

Clearing skies

It was raining outside. The cold sort of rain that seeps into your bones, and muddles your mind. It wasn’t a warm spring rain that feels like a soft caress, its earthy sweet petrichor lingering on the breeze. This rain was a claw hammer pounding against the house, threatening to shatter windows and doors, and … Continue reading Clearing skies