Checking it twice

“Is he in there?” Astrid demanded.

“Don’t bother him, he’s busy making toys,” Karol said, blocking entrance to the workshop.

“That’s an outright lie,” Astrid tried elbowing past Mrs Claus. “He hasn’t ‘made’ any toys since Tamagotchis were hot. I know he outsources everything, he does it all the time.”

“And what if he does?” Karol stood her ground against the fiery elf. “He still makes his annual trip, kids still get their presents.”

Without warning, Kris swung open the workshop door.

“What’s all the commotion?”

Astrid held up a piece of parchment.

“You’re surprised you made the naughty list?”

Inspiration: Shop
Inspiration: “They said it happened all the time.” Robert Dugoni, “Damage Control”
Arrant and/or Outright

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