One down…

One Christmas gift finished and a bunch yet to go. I got a little behind, got distracted with this whole knee thing dontcha know. Anyway, the remaining gifts shouldn't take long so I think I can still get finished in time to mail them out for Christmas. If not, I'll send a photo to let … Continue reading One down…

Making a list

Thanksgiving is done and I am officially tired of leftovers. I finally started Christmas shopping but have only managed to buy two gifts and those were for my son to give to other people. (I have Amazon Prime so I can get a better deal for him, and yes, he is reimbursing me.) I have … Continue reading Making a list

broken plastic Santa

Jelly Ol’ Elf

“I thought I broke him.” The lament was uttered in hushed tones over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a dollop of marshmallow whip floating on the surface. A smudge of the sticky confection dotted the speaker’s nose. Her lavender eyes were brimming with tears. Her companion couldn’t help but giggle a little into her … Continue reading Jelly Ol’ Elf