Making a list

Thanksgiving is done and I am officially tired of leftovers.

I finally started Christmas shopping but have only managed to buy two gifts and those were for my son to give to other people. (I have Amazon Prime so I can get a better deal for him, and yes, he is reimbursing me.)

I have no idea what to get anyone. I’m terrible at gift giving. I don’t know what anyone likes or needs. I would be happy to give cash or prepaid credit cards and let everyone just get what they want, but that’s not very personal. There is really only one person I do that for and that’s what he requests so it’s okay.

Everyone I shop for already has most everything they want or need. Gift giving shouldn’t be so stressful.

I’m making some gifts, but always worry that the recipients will think hand-made presents are cheap. They aren’t… but I still have that insecurity. I’m a little behind on these projects but should still be able to finish before Christmas… I hope.

Maybe if I set out decorations, I will feel more cheery and bright. Christmas cookies would probably help too.


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