Jelly Ol’ Elf

broken plastic Santa

“I thought I broke him.” The lament was uttered in hushed tones over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a dollop of marshmallow whip floating on the surface. A smudge of the sticky confection dotted the speaker’s nose. Her lavender eyes were brimming with tears. Her companion couldn’t help but giggle a little into her … Continue reading Jelly Ol’ Elf

Blue Christmas

Christmas lights bokeh

Standing at the rime-rimmed window, I search the landscape for any hint of color. Winter has leached all tint from the world, leaving a melancholy world in infinite shades of ash. My hot cup of chamomile keeps my frigid fingers warm. Steam swirls off the tea, fogging the window panes and melting the lacy ice … Continue reading Blue Christmas