Melodramatic Muse

I watch the tiny monster watching me. Its beady eyes never leave my face, its smile a hungry sneer. It turns my stomach sour, but I can’t look away. Panic strains against my chest. clawing to get out. A swell of terror poised on my lips, the slightest nudge from the demon enough to set […]

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Personal gargoyle

It clung to the footboard of her bed like a miniature vulture waiting for something to die. Blankets pulled tightly to her chin, she stayed motionless praying it didn’t notice she was awake, afraid light reflected in her eyes would give her away. It never moved from its perch, only sat and waited. Smaller than […]

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Red, red wine

He held his wine glass up to the light, watching thick rivulets of crimson slide down the side of the goblet. “Perfect legs.” It came out a raspy breath, something to murmur in a lover’s ear. I felt like a voyeur watching him twisting and turning his glass, the wine coating the inside of the […]

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What beast lurks

resting squirrel

Listen, Can you hear it? What voices, just above a whisper Angry hisses A plaintive cry Is it in the next room, Beneath the trees next door, Or trapped inside my head? Chittering in a language Unknown to man Running footsteps thunder across the roof What horrible creature Lurks in the dark recesses above Never […]

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Not today

I have no patience for you today There’s cat puke to scrape off the desk Black dog hair to vacuum up again, and again, and again Dirty clothes multiplying at horny rabbit rates A fridge full of leftovers no one will ever eat Yet can’t bring themselves to throw out, And still, nothing to fix […]

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Experiment in progress

blue ice

My teeth chattered so violently I feared they would shatter. I couldn’t stop shaking, the cold air was turning my fingers blue. Harsh lights and sounds flooded my senses. I squinted through the glare, swiveling my head back forth like I was watching a frenzied tennis match, searching for anything tangible. A sudden blast of […]

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