Side chick

I’ve become a side-chick, or side-hooman more accurately. Dani is doing well. Other than a couple of days of nocturnal bathroom mishaps, and a slight backslide into heightened wariness, she keeps making steps forward. She has become more timid around me. Instead of jumping up on the couch when I’m sitting on one end, she … Continue reading Side chick

Finishing school

It’s that old canard - some fancy girl disappears for several months, no one knows where or isn’t saying, and tongues wag about how the family sent her off to avoid causing them any embarrassment. Gwyneth was such a girl. She simply disappeared one night. Her parents deflected questions or gave noncommittal answers as to her … Continue reading Finishing school

Waking up

A small, subdued group of people gathered around the hospital bed watching the still patient. The rhythmic beating his heart was a regular beep synchronized with the whoosh of his respirator. His visitors hoped for the telltale flicker of an eyelid to tell them he was awake. Alan Poole was coming out of a 15-year … Continue reading Waking up