Warm milk and old oil

It was the smell that Vince would remember. That warm milk, piss and vomit mélange that always made him think of elementary school. Mix in the lingering pall of old, grimy oil, and the bitter tang of iron oxide on the back of his tongue, Vince felt like he was walking through a cloud of bad […]

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Tis the season for tough questions

Nearly 20 years ago, when my daughter was still in elementary school, she came home one December afternoon in a state of wretched befuddlement. That day some of her little friends were discussing Santa Claus and his rumored nonexistence. Apparently, some of these juvenile dream-killers were telling any of their playmates who would listen, that […]

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Looking back

side mirror on 1955 Ford Hairline

Looking back, Widow Winslow wasn’t a very convincing recluse. She’d only come into town Saturday mornings when she’d drive her 1955 Ford Fairlane to the Farmer’s Market where she rarely spoke to anyone other than to ask Satchel Brewster about his heirloom tomatoes or haggle with Natty Crowe for some of his sourdough buns. Sometimes […]

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Playground relic

rusty playground seat

The once bright yellow rocking horse seat was all that remained of the playground. Lyle was surprised the useless relic, battered and worn from use and disuse, wasn’t ripped out of the ground when the rest of the park was razed. It was cruel if left as a backhanded memorial for the kids who disappeared, Lyle […]

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100 Word Challenge: Secret

crocheted pink dogwood blossoms

Putting my yarn organizing project to good use, I began a scarf I hope to finish in time for my mom for Christmas. Knowing how badly I procrastinate sometimes, she will be lucky to get it for Mother’s Day… 2018. Since I’m showing and telling here, it will be a good chance to test if […]

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From her perfect porch, decorated in perfect cottage chic furniture, sipping her perfectly mixed Arnold Palmer, Eileen looked out over her perfectly manicured lawn at her perfectly mundane neighborhood. Don’t all little girls dream of having their happily ever after carried away by a white knight to a beautiful cottage encircled by a white picket […]

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