You better be good

More from the Dinner Party... “Her mother and father were frighteningly zealous in their dysfunctional child rearing.” Jasper reported back to his employer on his reconnoiter of their newest wish recipient, Ada Mercer, who asked to meet Santa. “So the fulfillment of her wish is to convince her that the Jolly ol’ Elf is fictitious?” … Continue reading You better be good

Pick a card

“I didn’t expect the decision to be so difficult,” Augustine shuffled through a stack of index cards “It’s a dilemma that would vex Solomon,” Jasper continued to polish the silver without looking up. He held up a serving spoon, only satisfied with his efforts when he could see his reflection in the bowl. Augustine cast … Continue reading Pick a card

What the squirrel knew

“Do you have the young wench under your control yet?” Flynn smacked the white squirrel’s nose in rapid succession until Cyril yelped in pain and scurried away. “You needn't have done that,” Cyril rubbed his sore snout, glowering at the warrior cat. “I won’t abide any disrespect toward Jodie,’ Flynn returned Cyril’s glare, hissing through … Continue reading What the squirrel knew

A sharp dressed man

“Are all feline familiars black?” Jodie and Flynn curled up together on a tapestry rug in front of the smoldering fireplace like an yin and yang symbol. Of course not,” he purred. “I’m not entirely black.” Flynn swished his tail, gently touching Jodie’s arm with its white tip. “Do different colors mean anything?” She flicked at … Continue reading A sharp dressed man