Pick a card

“I didn’t expect the decision to be so difficult,” Augustine shuffled through a stack of index cards

“It’s a dilemma that would vex Solomon,” Jasper continued to polish the silver without looking up. He held up a serving spoon, only satisfied with his efforts when he could see his reflection in the bowl.

Augustine cast a languid eye toward his Man Friday. As detached as he was, Jasper often gave his employer the impression that he was the one actually in charge.

“We need to choose a wish,” Augustine huffed.

Jasper took the cards and fanned them out.

“Pick one.”

Inspiration: Decision

A continuation of a WIP – Dinner Party


3 thoughts on “Pick a card

    1. The original link just went to the category page with all the previous stories in descending order. I’ve replace that link with one that opens on my WIP page. All the Dinner Party stories are listed at the top in ascending order, beginning with the first story. I hope that helps.


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