What was I thinking

It’s days like today that have me questioning my sanity in attempting to fulfill the mandates of a writing challenge like NaBloPoMo. I don’t know what I was thinking.

It’s been raining nonstop for two days, and not a gentle rain. It’s been a dreary, grey, bleak, cold rain with an occasional thunder grumble thrown in.

I can’t decide if it’s weather related for not, but as long as it’s been raining, I’ve had a nauseating headache. One of those my-eyeball-is-about-to-explode kind of headaches that seem impervious to any sort of pain reliever.

The only saving grace lately has been how attentive the menfolk and Misfit Toys have been during my convalescence. Say has wanted to snuggle more, especially while the CPM machine is manipulating my post-surgery knee and Asta just wants to lie in my lap, protecting said knee.

It would all be lovely it not for the rain and headache, and the stiff knee. Oh, and I begin out-patient physical therapy on Tuesday, something I both need and dread, but know is going to hurt… a lot.


2 thoughts on “What was I thinking

  1. It’s not like you’re dealing with enough as it is – NaBloPoMo can wait until next year. Relax. Focus on what you need to do to get your wheels in shape. I love you – and I’m sure you’ve only kinda lost your way. Get back to you – YOU – the rest can wait.


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