Wherein she whines

Here I am at just a week shy of three months knee replacement post-op . Most days, I’m doing great. There is still some swelling and muscle fatigue, but no pain in the knee itself. Flexibility in my right knee is nearly the same as my left and continues to improve. I can do pretty [...]

Hitting the road

You guys!  I drove MYSELF to physical therapy today. I drove! Now, I want to go to all the places. I was also given the go-ahead to ride my bike. Remember the bike my husband had refurbished a week before we knew I was having surgery? Yeah, I’m going to give that a go later [...]

By degrees

By degrees

I did a thing today and I am ridiculously excited about it. During physical therapy, I reached 120-degrees bending, and 0-degrees straightening, my leg… together those are considered full-range of motion. I still have work to do because getting to those positions is still a struggle, but I know now that I can. Not being [...]