By degrees

I did a thing today and I am ridiculously excited about it.

During physical therapy, I reached 120-degrees bending, and 0-degrees straightening, my leg… together those are considered full-range of motion.

I still have work to do because getting to those positions is still a struggle, but I know now that I can.

Not being content, when I got home, I took a walk around my block – all .67 miles of it. I took my cane, but more for insurance than need. The knee felt good and I believe that I could have gone farther, but didn’t want to over-do.

To top off the day, I got the go-ahead to begin driving myself again. I know I keep saying it with every new milestone, but this is HUGE! No more depending on the kindness of strangers (well, my menfolk) to drive me places. I can go grocery shopping on my own again! I can go get a haircut, or just ride around in my car singing, badly, to old metal tunes.

I’ve even gotten back to my housecleaning routine. The menfolk were great and kept up with most things while I was on the Injured List, but they didn’t do things how I would. It would be ungrateful to say anything negative, but it was stressing me out. I’m sure they aren’t going to mind that I’ve taken back control.

Have to say that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and I’m no longer limping toward it.


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