Hitting the road

You guys! 

I drove MYSELF to physical therapy today. I drove! Now, I want to go to all the places.

I was also given the go-ahead to ride my bike. Remember the bike my husband had refurbished a week before we knew I was having surgery? Yeah, I’m going to give that a go later this week. I want someone to be home, handy, in case I crash and burn… figuratively.

It’s been tough a few days. Actually broke out in a cold sweat today. My PT guy knows where every sore spot is and pays extra special attention to those areas. This time he found a new one, or rather went hunting when I told him it felt like my knee was “catching” on the left side. After some digging, he found the spot and went to work.

By the end of the session, I got to 122 degrees with minimal effort, which is great. Still struggling to maintain 0 degrees straight though. That right leg just doesn’t want to get completely straight, but I’m within a degree of getting there… soon.

I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon next Monday – six weeks post-op. I intend to bring in a stellar report card. 


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