Family history

“Back in the day, would I’ve been a villein?” Jodie and Flynn snuggled on her bed for their nightly chat. “I can’t imagine you as a ‘bad guy’ in any era,” Flynn purred, offering his belly for scratching. “No, silly, not ‘villain’, ‘ain’,” Jodie giggled, tickling him with both hands. “I mean ‘villein', ‘ein’, like … Continue reading Family history

It’s for you

What came before: Dinner Party  At 9:34 a.m. sharp, the phone hanging on the wall at B.A.M. comics book shop began ringing, its cartoon ringtone especially loud in the nearly empty store. That Clarence had managed to rig the vintage phone to play the Animaniacs theme song was a source of pride for him, and … Continue reading It’s for you