Family history

“Back in the day, would I’ve been a villein?” Jodie and Flynn snuggled on her bed for their nightly chat.

“I can’t imagine you as a ‘bad guy’ in any era,” Flynn purred, offering his belly for scratching.

“No, silly, not ‘villain’, ‘ain’,” Jodie giggled, tickling him with both hands. “I mean ‘villein’, ‘ein’, like a serf.”

“Why would you ask that?” Flynn twisted around until he was facing her.

“This house,” Jodie said, hugging her knees to her chest. “Did my ‘people’ own it, or clean it?”

“Oh, child,” Flynn smiled his feline smile. “Your ‘people’ were enchanters.”

Inspiration: Villein


One thought on “Family history

  1. For one glorious moment there, I was expecting something different. But the theme is exactly what we are actually uncovering in the depths of our ancestry. The range of former addresses of my UK ancestors covers the full spectrum from upper middle class to near abject poverty. As they always say, “we can’t choose our parents, or theirs, or …..”. Loved your post. Cheers, Ken

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