Her man Flynn

Flynn luxuriated in a pool of sunlight pouring through the bay window, his tail lazily swatting at dust motes playing in the amber stream. His person, Jodie, was in a similar posture in a plush chair near the window snuggled under an old, crocheted afghan. She wavered on the edge of sleep, her eyelids heavy, and her breathing soft and slow.

The diamond-paned glass cast shining jewels across the flagstone floor. The warmth of the sun and cool of the stone were a delicious combination that lulled Flynn into a peaceful state of repose. Heavy tapestry rugs covered various areas of the salon to buffer Jodie’s furless feet against the chilly floor. She would often hop from carpet to carpet, reminiscent of her childhood game of Don’t Touch the Lava.

Flynn hadn’t yet taught her how to warm the stones on her own, That skill will come later.

Not quite at its zenith, sunlight cascaded over a lush canopy of hardwoods across the road that shielded Jodie’s house from the surrounding neighborhood. Her quaint Tudor cottage set well back from the road, it’s many casement windows letting in an abundance of light throughout the day. The wide and treeless lawn gave Flynn an open view of the property. His extra senses allowed him to see any intruders lurking in the woods.

Jodie and her familiar, Flynn, had been a pair for nearly a year, and she still didn’t know exactly how their relationship was supposed to work. Jodie didn’t possess any magic and Flynn, other being able to talk to her, wasn’t an extraordinary cat – or so she thought.

Just as Jodie fell deeper into sleep, Flynn became suddenly awake. A low growl rose in his throat and a ridge of stiff fur ran down the length of his back. He leaped onto the window ledge and began pacing back and forth, scanning the thick tree line in from of Jodie’s house.

Flynn opened his mind to feel for malevolent presences, when he didn’t sense any, he stepped off the window ledge to settle in Jodie’s lap. He kept on alert while his person quietly napped. Jodie stirred slightly, her hands finding Flynn’s thick, silky fur. As Jodie absently stroked Flynn’s back and scratched his alert ears, Flynn kneaded her blanket before settling down again. His ears perked up, listening for any peculiar sounds.

It was time, he thought as he gave into Jodie’s caresses. Time to teach Jodie what a familiar can actually do, and how to use her own hidden talents.

The Others were searching for her, and she needed to be ready when They arrived.

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