100 Word Challenge: Sing

A few days ago, the Mister was reading a Sports Illustrated piece about the Best Names of Recruiting Class 2017 (read: unusual to fantastical.) He got to Zacchaeus, and it triggered a childhood memory of a Sunday School song from long ago. A song that was a perennial favorite throughout my religious upbringing. A song […]

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100 Word Challenge: Song

On his days off from work, sometimes my son will join me when I run errands. I think he likes me to chauffeur him around town and he usually gets a free lunch out of it. My reward for his company is that I get to enjoy listening to his choice in music. When he […]

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What the water gave me

So, lay me down Let the only sound Be the over flow Pockets full of stones ~ Florence Welch, Florence and the Machine, “What the Water Gave Me” This scene and the song lyrics seemed very appropriate to me for this time of year. I live in a tourist area along the Gulf of Mexico. For […]

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Vanished hope

Ferris wheel

The gaudily painted gondolas stopped at the Ferris wheel’s apex. From this vantage point, he could see the Fair tents and other carnival rides spreading out across the normally vacant hayfield. He rode in the only purple car, choosing it because it was her favorite color. A tiny, blue velvet jewelry box was cradled in […]

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Mother Nature’s song

underneath a mushroom

I want to turn the whole thing upside down I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found I’ll share this love I find with everyone We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s songs I don’t want this feeling to go away.” ~ Jack Johnson, “Upside Down”  

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Voices carry

ant hill

The story so far… The King’s sergeant-of-arms, Calen, half dragging and half carrying Maud, burst through the tent entry, swearing at the sentry to leave them. Maud fell into the pile of cushions, trying to cradle her left arm, her hand wrapped in what looked like a bloody rag. She screamed in pain when she […]

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