Third floor apartment

fire escape

Beneath the oak tree was the perfect spot to watch his apartment. Under the leaf-thick branches, looking down from the third floor, she was hidden from view. The coffee cup in her hands wasn’t for the caffeine, it was only a prop in case someone walked up, and questioned why she was there. Their affair […]

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graffiti island girl

“I still don’t think the ‘rents trust me,” I said, handing him a wet glass. Drying it seductively, he maintained eye contact with me. “Why should they, you’re a cradle robber,” he chuckled. We were wearing mismatched pajamas. He had on the pants, and I was swimming in his 2X shirt. “You were also my […]

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Always gets the girl

military bust

My “Emotion Thesaurus” lies open beside me on the couch, held in place with my “Dream Dictionary.” There’s no more room for open tabs or windows on my computer desktop. I’m hip deep in character development, and I can’t decide what to do with my hero. I’m leaning toward changing him to a her, or […]

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Floating free

balloon release

Floating free, the tenuous threads that keep us bound to the earth, loosed from the hands of loved ones, follow just out of reach. As our brightly colored effigies are caught in warm thermals, drifting away on gentle breezes, we cling to our past, reluctant to give up so easily. Our ties to the living […]

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Role model


All eyes were on her when she walked into the room. That body, those legs, that hair, her flawless face, all perfect in every way. She was poured into a ruby-red dress that hugged every curve like a second skin. It didn’t matter that she acted like she didn’t have two brain cells to rub […]

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Behind the curtain

multi outlet plug, blue tint

She imagined that deep inside his chest a tiny transistor battery powered his heart like in her old Zenith radio. The tick-tock of his artificial mechanisms drowned out his rote homilies, his analytical effort to dissuade her. Encased behind dark sunglasses, rational and calculating, he was pragmatic to a fault. As if allowing himself to […]

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