Behind the curtain

multi outlet plug, blue tint

She imagined that deep inside his chest a tiny transistor battery powered his heart like in her old Zenith radio. The tick-tock of his artificial mechanisms drowned out his rote homilies, his analytical effort to dissuade her. Encased behind dark sunglasses, rational and calculating, he was pragmatic to a fault. As if allowing himself to … Continue reading Behind the curtain

Waiting in the sun

blue beach chairs on white sand

We camped out all day in the resort beach chairs. Commandeering the cabana boy first thing in the morning, just as he was hauling the canvas chaises longues out of the storage hutch, we had our pick of spots on the sugar-fine sand. Hidden beneath our spacious umbrellas, shielded from the blistering sun, we watched sunburnt tourists … Continue reading Waiting in the sun