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Spring haz-mat cleaning: scoop the poop

planter garden

Tuesday was a beautiful day! The sun was out, temps were climbing back into bearable ranges, and I was actually motivated to DO something.

I headed outside to prep my raised planters. Recent monsoons rains, made the backyard a smidge marshy, but other than feeling like I was walking on wet sponges, the prep work went really quickly. Now, I have two plots ready for peppers, herbs, and maybe zucchini.

The warm weather was also an impetus to clear out the mine field in our backyard.

Take two Labs, mix in long months of cold and wet weather, pour into one large yard, stir in Mother Nature, and it makes for a lot of dog poop. A LOT OF POOP. I got out shovels, gloves and a 10 gallon bucket, which I quickly filled.

The haz-mat clean-up took on a sort of scavenger hunt mystic. I discovered that The Girls really do have a strange menu of things they will ingest ~ batting from an old stuffed toy, styrofoam packing peanuts from Christmas, and cat litter.

Yes, we also have a cat. And, yes we’ve had to install barricades and a moat around the litter box… nuff said ’bout that.

To all my northern friends, those who still have a few feet of snow in their yards, I don’t envy your jobs once all that ice melts.

To all those other pet owners without yards, those who must take twice daily walks for your beloved pets to ‘do their duty’ ~ remember to scoop the poop. I cannot tell you how nasty it is to have to clean some other dog’s crap out of my yard. It’s bad enough when it belongs my own pets.

*From the Vault of IMSO: originally published Feb. 26, 2010. Edited and updated.

4 thoughts on “Spring haz-mat cleaning: scoop the poop Leave a comment

  1. oh my. Well we take Fenton out 3 times a day…but we let him out and then immediately pick up the poop. We have these little bags that look like little garbage bags and they are great for when you are in 3 inch heels in the middle of your yard.

    So we never have minefields, which I guess is a good thing, right? 😉

    your gaden will be so purty!


  2. If only we could get to it just before it thawed out completely. Frozen poop is easy. Poop Soup not so much. Your soon-to-be garden looks wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh how I feel your pain! The poop seems to have multiplied exponentially since the addition of our second dog last fall! And as much as I look forward to spring, I’m trying not to think about the poop soup that will be left behind with the melting of the snow.

    I’m glad you had a nice day to enjoy working in the yard. Spring is really, finally on its way!


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