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Forecast pending

From clear to tempest Weather, wait ten minutes more Unpredictable

tropical storm Lee

100 Word Challenge: Weather

Today, June, 1, is opening day for the 2016 Hurricane Season. Living along the Gulf Coast, I am intimately familiar with these tropical storms. After 20 years in Florida, I’ve seen apocalyptic devastation, and have weathered ferocious wind and rain with my camera to get that perfect storm shot. I’ve already pulled a link into ...

ice crusted leaf


A fine snow was falling, dusting everything with a light powder of white. A delicate border of rime formed on the remaining leaves on the massive oak in the quad and along its otherwise bare branches. It was a holiday scene encapsulated in a child’s snow globe. Except that it was the middle of June ...

fresh baked boule bread

Toasty warm

I called my parents this morning - a courtesy check since they are both living in the midst of Snow-magedon 2015. My mother and her husband were without power, but because their home is plumbed with propane, they had heat; city water gave them the means to shower and wash dishes. Mom told me they ...

Storm warning

Weather betrays mood Gloomy, weepy, blustery Better take shelter

Blizzard of ’14

We finally had our two days of winter. It actually snowed in Florida this week! Saying it snowed is a little misleading. There was an accumulation of white stuff on the ground, but it more closely resembled hail or sleet. Whatever it was, it was crunchy and not the lovely, fluffy snowball making stuff. Temps ...

Dark forecast

The day was grey and sad the first time I saw you. Rain drenched, you stood to one side, cut off from the rest of the wet, bus fare herd. Your face cast back the sky's mean mien.

Tropical Storm Karen surfer

Beach Break: Tropical Storm Karen

I received a sweet email this week from my friend Kir, she was concerned for my safety since news reports were forecasting a Tropical Storm in the Gulf. First I heard of it, but initially it kind of worried me. A little over 18 years ago, only three weeks after we moved into our home, ...

Yarn over, pull through

R.A.I.N. is now a four-letter word around here. I worry that my fingers and toes are beginning to grow webbing. Rising waters, thunder and lightning, and all around ennui again trapped me indoors much of the week.  August alone had about 8 inches of precipitation - average rainfall for August is only a quarter of ...