Toasty warm

fresh baked boule bread

I called my parents this morning – a courtesy check since they are both living in the midst of Snow-magedon 2015.

My mother and her husband were without power, but because their home is plumbed with propane, they had heat; city water gave them the means to shower and wash dishes. Mom told me they had cleared out their fridge and put perishables on their screened-in back porch. The food should be fine in the sub-freezing temperatures.

I just can’t…

Dad and his wife, while still blessed with electricity, are completely stranded in their hilltop house. Ice-coated roads, several inches of snow, and a 30-degree incline driveway will keep them homebound until salt trucks get to their side of the mountains – or until Spring arrives.

As a sign of solidarity, and because it was cold in Florida too (my threshold for cold, not the Northern true cold), I made bread… baking three loaves – one buttermilk, one vanilla spice, and one herbs de Provence boule. The boule alone, baked in a stone pot, took 12 hours to prep.

I’m doing what I can to make the world a warmer place.

fresh baked bread

NaBloPoMo February 2015

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