Spring planting

garden gloves

It’s already the middle of February, and in Florida that’s typical spring planting season. There are still a few sub-freezing nights forecasted, so I can’t get started on my garden just yet.

I’m behind in prep work. I have to weed my planters, buy my starter plants, but even before that I have to decide what to plant.

In past years I’ve attempted a salsa garden. I had cilantro, green peppers, jalapeños, and tomatoes. I’ve not had the best luck with tomatoes, but hopefully with the advice I got about how to avoid bloom-drop, this year could produce  a bumper crop.

A past attempt at raising strawberries was also unproductive. The one saving grace is that the plants I put in a couple of years ago are still alive, and hopefully I can coax them into remaining that way, despite my brown thumb.

I may put in some other fresh herbs too – basil, thyme, rosemary.

Whatever I decide, I need to make it work this time. There is not many things more delicious that homegrown vegetables, except maybe home-baked cookies.

NaBloPoMo February 2015

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One thought on “Spring planting

  1. We always had success with our tomatoes in a veg plot, so it will be interesting to see how we fare growing them in pots. Our strawberry plants were a bit of a dead loss for the first 2 years, but in the third, we had an excellent crop, so maybe your plants will rally for you too this year.
    Pot crops for us will be tomatoes, runner beans, onions and potatoes (I hope!) 🙂

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