Farm fresh

small green tomato

It’s been warm enough this week, that I’m going to get my summer clothes out of storage, and pack away my winter stuff. We are past any freeze risk, so I’m also planning on putting in some veggies this next week. I’m giving tomatoes another chance, and setting out a few peppers and herbs. The […]

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Spring planting

garden gloves

It’s already the middle of February, and in Florida that’s typical spring planting season. There are still a few sub-freezing nights forecasted, so I can’t get started on my garden just yet. I’m behind in prep work. I have to weed my planters, buy my starter plants, but even before that I have to decide […]

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Farmer’s market

An eclectic bounty of organic produce covered the kitchen counter. A bowl of freshly pitted cherries sat in the sink, the discarded innards a maroon mess on the tile floor. Felicia still held the silver pitter, looking every bit like an implement of torture, or pleasure. Absently squeezing the handles together, she didn’t immediately notice […]

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