Attention to details

old dirty sink

Take this as a constructive critique, I know you’re still learning. It’s not enough to simply do the job you were hired to do. It’s like agreeing to cater a party, only baking a cake, then leaving the kitchen a complete disaster. Pay attention to the smallest of details. It is simply good manners to […]

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Freak show

ferris wheel at night

Jane got her apostrophe today. Or, I should say Jan’e got her apostrophe. The whole town came out for her renaming ceremony. Turned it into a bourgeoise spectacle of avarice and ego. If her parents had their way, the diacritical would have been interpolated two places and not just the customary one. Instead of the […]

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It all counts

Throughout her academic career, my daughter worked exceedingly hard to earn high grades. A consummate overachiever, she maintained an A-average from elementary school through her recent master’s degree. Her education was serious business. When she was in middle school, probably around seventh grade, the scale for earning an A was a numerical score of 95-100. […]

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Baptism falls

Driving down the narrow, winding two-lane road, was like being transported through a portal in time. A canopy of tree limbs reached across the lane, creating a green tunnel, muffling all sound save the melodic chime of the falls that ran parallel to the road. With her car windows down, she deeply inhaled the aroma […]

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No opportunity wasted

Each morning you wake is a chance to try something new, go somewhere new, be someone new. It’s doesn’t need to be a big change. It can be as simple as reading a book, or turning left instead of right, or opening your mind to contemplative ideas. With the dawning of that new day, don’t let […]

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Karmic irony

So, this just happened. So recently in fact, that I am still laughing about it. I got up early this morning to run errands. I had a hair cut, then I did a little shopping, had a little lunch, was having an all around nice day. I’m on my way home when IT happened. The […]

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