Nailed it

nail gun nails

I’ve been gainfully unemployed since 2009. In all that time, after all the resumes and job applications I’ve submitted, I’ve had this many responses… zero. Alas… Instead, I suffer job search purgatory vicariously through my grown-ass children. They have both had to do that crazy dance, and I don’t envy them. Other than the steady income, that is. … Continue reading Nailed it

Hangout Music Festival

Hangout Man

I just spent three days in my bathing suit, with 40,000 other half-dressed freaks on the beach at Gulf Shores, drinking overpriced beer, eating lunch truck tacos, and singing and dancing to live performances from about 100 different bands. All in all, it was an outstanding weekend.          

Grand exit

1996 Infiniti Q45

Now that The Boy’s car is once again road worthy, whenever I have to go into town for errands, if he goes with, he wants to drive. His Infiniti Q45 is a barge, only six inches shorter than his dad’s full-sized truck. His sister calls it his “old man” car. An already low-riding car, he … Continue reading Grand exit

Farmer Johnny

field of wildflowers

It started simply enough with a call from an aggrieved citizen. “I was robbed!” After a telephone interview with the alleged victim to gather necessary information to begin an investigation, the detectives met to brainstorm. A rookie deputy knocked on the conference room door to report that the stolen property they were discussing was already … Continue reading Farmer Johnny