Farmer Johnny

field of wildflowers

It started simply enough with a call from an aggrieved citizen.

“I was robbed!”

After a telephone interview with the alleged victim to gather necessary information to begin an investigation, the detectives met to brainstorm.

A rookie deputy knocked on the conference room door to report that the stolen property they were discussing was already in evidence.

Going by their case notes, they confirmed identifying features. It was only a matter of returning valuables to their owner.

Detectives notified the victim his property had been found. All they needed was for him to come in to claim his pot plants.

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is Robbed
Back in the day, I worked as a newspaper reporter, often covering local police and crime. This story came out of an anecdote one of the county deputies told me. It easily could be urban legend, but is more than likely true. The intellect of our drug dealers and marijuana farmers was only rivaled by garden tools.

7 thoughts on “Farmer Johnny

  1. HA! I thought that was where this might be headed. Though they probably would have simply invited him to come reclaim his property, the-better-to-meet-him-at-the-door-with-handcuffs-my-dear, unless he had a license and was growing in the proper state.

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