All points bulletin

broken pink big wheel tricycle

Oscar the Grouch was her accomplice. The ill-tempered and grumpy consigliere would ride shotgun on Cassie’s pink and purple Big Wheel as she terrorized her neighborhood. Lately, the four-year-old was on a grouch spree, spilling red juice on Mrs. Allen’s white carpet, asking her sitter for tuna pie with chocolate sauce for lunch, and demanding […]

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Farmer Johnny

field of wildflowers

It started simply enough with a call from an aggrieved citizen. “I was robbed!” After a telephone interview with the alleged victim to gather necessary information to begin an investigation, the detectives met to brainstorm. A rookie deputy knocked on the conference room door to report that the stolen property they were discussing was already […]

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I’d do it again

It was raining. Not a drenching downpour, more of an annoying, unrelenting shower. The parking lot was full, but I was lucky enough to find an empty spot in front of the Radio Shack, next door to the Food Mart. I sat in my car for a while, rummaging through my coupons and hoping for […]

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Don’t let the neighbors see you…

I love living in a small town, if only for the entertainment value. Each Wednesday, the local paper delivers a free edition highlighting top stories from the past week, police blotters, school news, and community events. Each Wednesday I sit down with a cuppa tea to peruse these few pages of newsprint to find out […]

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Hawt couture

My first thought when I read this short blurb in my hometown paper was to wonder if it was in any way related to another police report that ran in early January. Maybe Santa told mommy what daddy did to get on the naughty list.

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Making the naughty list

Published last week in my small hometown paper, this article caught my eye. There have been no follow-up reports to date as to the nature of the parent’s alleged bad behavior or if a letter was indeed written on the child’s behalf.

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