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I’ve got a new gig

wren nestingA while back, my friend Kirsten encouraged me to apply as a contributor to a wonderful collaborative website created by Elena Sonnino, Just. Be. Enough.

Elena wanted to give other women a place where we could lift each other up, encourage and support each other to Just. Be. Enough. To stop tearing ourselves down because we feared we couldn’t measure up to unrealistic expectations.

I was touched that Kir thought I would be a good fit with her, and the other wonderful writers already involved with this community. Shortly after Christmas, I was accepted as a contributor.

Today, my first submission to Just. Be. Enough is online: “Empty nesting.”

Elena asked us to pick three words that would guide us during the next year. I chose Acceptance, Change and Courage.

My role as a mom has been changing these last several months, and I’ve been forced to face the reality of being an empty nester mom. Without the demands as a full-time parent, I’m also facing the changes that involves, and what that means to my own identity. My three words will help determine how I accept these changes in my life, and whether I can find the courage to create a new identity.

Please, visit Just. Be. Enough. and read some of the other inspiring stories from our coterie of fabulous women.

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  1. Loved the story (as if I wouldn’t) and, as usually happens, you sound like me inside my head. While my own “kid” is just a 15 minute drive away, she is chomping at the bit for me to “leave her alone.” I’m getting better at it, but not quite there yet. It’s hard when you (i.e., me) realize your child is your whole world but that you’re not her whole world. It’s how it’s supposed to be and I’m glad she’s thriving but but dang it’s hard.


  2. I am thrilled your part of Just.Be.Enough, I believe your voice is such an important part of our journey to being “enough” and your outlook, your story …all such interesting and important words for us as women.

    I encouraged, but you’re the star of this. Just so humbled to be writing alongside you.


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