100 Word Challenge: Forever

anniversary roses

Yesterday, June 14, was my 30th wedding anniversary. Our wedding was held the day after my husband graduated college, and about a week before we moved three hours away from family and friends. The event was the culmination of one blind date and three years of courting – two years of which were long-distance – before […]

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Falling in love

bright fall leaves

“How long’s it been?” He spun around, looking up into the stained-glass mosaic of fall leaves. She smiled, steadying him with a coy hand on his back. “Oh, no,” she said. “I’ll only say it was the summer I turned 14.” “That’s not very helpful,” he circled around so her hand was on his chest. […]

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Roots and wings

tree in silhouette at sunset

I wanted wings To fly away from the loud voices and angry fists I wanted roots To feel like I was important, cherished I wanted wings To take that plunge out of the nest I wanted roots To know that I could survive on my own I wanted wings To feel the thrill of falling […]

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The quickening pollen

yellow pollen on water

As spring pollen clogs rivers and streams, Floating on hot, thick air, So too your vicious secrets Choke the life from me, Clinging to the heart on my sleeve, Gritty and bitter, souring our love. As much as I try to brush it away, It finds every open wound in my devotion, Seeping into cracks […]

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Wild blue

airplane aerobatics, and contrails

You’ve taken me on some wild rides. Ear-popping upward climbs, stomach churning downward spirals, twists and turns enough to keep me guessing, and wishing, and begging for more. There are times when I want to raise my arms above my head, and squeal with delight. The heady rush of adrenaline, making me drunk with excitement. […]

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Proceed with caution

warning sign

He should come with a warning sign. As a necessary providence, there should be a barrier of yellow caution tape cordoning off access from unwitting females so they can’t get too close. His charisma is a malignant contagion, casing a pall of invisibility over everyone around him. His endless need for attention an all consuming […]

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