Wild blue

airplane aerobatics, and contrails

You’ve taken me on some wild rides. Ear-popping upward climbs, stomach churning downward spirals, twists and turns enough to keep me guessing, and wishing, and begging for more.

There are times when I want to raise my arms above my head, and squeal with delight. The heady rush of adrenaline, making me drunk with excitement. An electric current pulsing through my veins, and crackling along tiny hairs on my arms. A thrilling sensation that takes my breath.

Suddenly our trajectory changes, and we hurl headlong towards earth. Gaining speed with every harsh word, each hurt feeling, a seemingly endless nosedive into sadness and heartache.

At the instant before impact, we pull up… off into the wild blue again. A fanciful odyssey, manic in its unpredictability. No parachutes, no ejector seats to save us from disaster. We are on our own, and it’s fight or flight.

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