Cold Harbor

Vast dunes of fine, powder snow dot the shore. A blinding sun shines, and a brisk wind blows in from the ocean. Held in a perpetual winter, temperatures in Espen Strande never rise high enough to melt off the continually amassing ice crystals. Divers are hired specifically to keep the harbor from icing over. Protected […]

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I want to be alone

praying mantis

I’m feeling peckish I might bite someone’s head off If they get too close

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Therapy by the dozen

bent mixer blades

I’m from the south. Eating is a favorite pastime, like football or deer hunting. It’s what we do. When I’m bored, I eat. When I’m angry, I eat. Sad, eat; hurt, eat; scared, eat; lonely, eat… When I want to help someone else feel better, I bake for them… then I eat what I bake. […]

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Wild blue

airplane aerobatics, and contrails

You’ve taken me on some wild rides. Ear-popping upward climbs, stomach churning downward spirals, twists and turns enough to keep me guessing, and wishing, and begging for more. There are times when I want to raise my arms above my head, and squeal with delight. The heady rush of adrenaline, making me drunk with excitement. […]

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