Roots and wings

tree in silhouette at sunset

I wanted wings
To fly away from the loud voices and angry fists
I wanted roots
To feel like I was important, cherished

I wanted wings
To take that plunge out of the nest
I wanted roots
To know that I could survive on my own

I wanted wings
To feel the thrill of falling
I wanted roots
To grow where I was planted

I wanted wings
To draw my babies closer, blanket them in love
I wanted roots
To build a strong foundation, to weather any storm

I wanted wings
To gently guide and support
I wanted roots
To create a safe haven, a nest to return to

I wanted wings
To carry you away into the sunset
I wanted roots
To intertwine with yours, everlasting

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Inspiration: Roots and Wings

7 thoughts on “Roots and wings

  1. Just found your blog by looking at some of the Daily Post Photo Challenges this morning…..and over my first cup of morning coffee! My poem and photo for Half and Half will go up tomorrow afternoon.
    So nice to meet you — a fellow lover of words.
    Read your About, and then meandered through some of your posts — especially in this section. Have been writing poetry only since February, having found my voice in my “rejuvenatement” period (never say retirement) — and blogging since March. I must say, I connect with you on several planes: the mom “reworking” her relationship with children as they grow older (certainly the mom is not getting older!). My children, now 38 and 40, are still my children :). No matter our age, they are still our “kids”. Most fun for me now, is watching my children as parents….interesting to see the “pieces” of our parenting that they implement and the differences they choose.
    Roots and Wings…….I love everything about this piece. Someone gave us a framed piece of calligraphy when our first child was born….it hung in our bedroom until the day she had her first child and was then passed on (we had a second one made when our second child had his first): “The best thing a parent can give their child is roots and wings.” I love the juxtapositioning of the two words — and you’ve captured it well here.
    Interesting to note: at our 35th vow renewal ceremony, our children both spoke, alternating who spoke about what, and the them they chose for their words was roots and wings. So there you go — I’ve come full circle with these words on your blog. You’ve put a smile on my face over my first cup of coffee this morning! So nice to meet you….and I’m sure I’ll be stopping by again!

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