100 Word Challenge (Reboot): Nest

It’s the first Wednesday of February so I thought it was high time I resurrected the 100 Word Challenge. I’ve missed it, and going by the response my announcement got on Facebook, a few other people did too. (I’m counting on youse guys, and you know who you are, to back me on of this […]

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A loving mess

When the last of her children left the nest, Betty finally had a chance to completely clean her house. She could clear out the clutter that drove her crazy for the past two decades. After a week of tidying, scouring, dusting, vacuuming, donating, and bringing order to the chaos, the home was pristine. There wasn’t […]

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Empty nest

sea knight helicopter

Always falling short of his officious, ex-military-man dad’s unattainable expectations, the fledgling sea knight took flight as soon as his wings could carry him over and out of the nest.

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Fading from view

foggy beach with people

She is quite ordinary. A middle-aged, work-from-home mother of two adult children, married to her college sweetheart, living in a small rancher in small-town America, with a cat and a dog, and more debt than can be paid off in her lifetime. She spends her days puttering around an empty home, dusting the same bookcase […]

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Tempus Fugit

large clock face

Baby steps, toddling Time flees irretrievable Blinking, and they’re gone

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Space of her own

black pearl and silver necklace

For all intents and purposes, our daughter has moved out of the house. This is a good thing, but because it’s not all “official,” we haven’t done much with her room. As it stands now, it’s more of a glorified walk-in closet than a third bedroom. It is so crammed full of her leftover stuff, our stuff, […]

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