Space of her own

black pearl and silver necklace

For all intents and purposes, our daughter has moved out of the house. This is a good thing, but because it’s not all “official,” we haven’t done much with her room. As it stands now, it’s more of a glorified walk-in closet than a third bedroom.

It is so crammed full of her leftover stuff, our stuff, and miscellaneous stuff, that I have to go out in the hallway to change my mind.

All of my crafting materials were in her room. I would work in there while she was away at college, but since she graduated and moved back home, I’ve had to parce out supplies as I needed them.

That wasn’t working for me. About a week ago, I gathered all my bead boxes, wire stash, tools and felt boards, and moved them out into the living room-slash-office space. I have a work table there that I use and can still watch television. Or, have room to set up my laptop so I can write while I work.

I’m a multi-tasker, dontcha know.

I sorted through all my beading mags, tearing out pages of projects I wanted to try, then inventoried what I had, and made lists of what I needed.

The problem is that I have lots of ideas, and make a fair amount of jewelry, but I don’t wear a lot of bling. I like bracelets, and have more of those than any one person should. Still I make necklaces that just gather dust.

The last thing I made, finishing it over the weekend, was based on a necklace I saw in a fashion catalog. I wire-wrapped black pearls and silver filigree beads, connecting them with pieces of silver chain. The necklace is long enough to double loop it, or even do several loops and wear it as a bracelet.

Now, I have to find somewhere to wear it.

NaBloPoMo February 2015

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