This heart’s for you

red filet crochet heart motif

I blame cabin fever.

It’s not particularly cold where I live – not compared to my Yankee neighbors’ snow storms, but it’s been rainy and I’ve been staying in more than usual. I miss my daily walks, though I still get them in when the weather breaks.

Without any little ankle-biters to wrangle, I needed something to while away my day… so, I signed up to participate in BlogHer’s February NaBloPoMo. The theme for the month is “Make.”

Using that as the impetus to get out of my doldrums, I hope to indulge my other creative hobbies. Other than writing and photography,  I like to crochet, and make jewelry. I cook when the spirit moves me… even attempted to bake French baguettes for a cheesy-sausage dip I wanted to make for our Super Bowl fête.

If my attempts at artistry are successful, I’ll share – all 28 days worth.

Since Valentine’s Day is also celebrated this month (and because I have a glut of yarn), I’m making a few hearts to pass around.

This is the first project, a filet crocheted heart, and it’s about half finished. I’ll add a frou-frou edging later to make it a little fancier.

What will you make this month? What are your hidden artistic talents?


NaBloPoMo February 2015

  1. I’m just impressed and sitting here in happy awe. You’re just spectacular!

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  2. I completely understand the winter doldrums. I never feel like doing much in the winter. I’m just hoping to keep up with my project quilting challenges and all of the bloggy stuff I’ve gotten myself into.

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    1. This new NaBloPoMo theme will probably overwhelm my ability to keep up on all the projects I have brewing. Good luck to you and your quilting.



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