Pearls off a string

pearl bracelet

One of the perks of joining in the February “Make” NaBloPoMo is that I’ll have a lot of new jewelry to wear, or else, I’ll be far ahead on my Christmas gift planning. Last night I finished a new bracelet. I shamelessly copied one from Worldstock. I had all the elements in inventory and it went […]

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Space of her own

black pearl and silver necklace

For all intents and purposes, our daughter has moved out of the house. This is a good thing, but because it’s not all “official,” we haven’t done much with her room. As it stands now, it’s more of a glorified walk-in closet than a third bedroom. It is so crammed full of her leftover stuff, our stuff, […]

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Childhood relics

smashed copper pennies

For some inexplicable reason little kids love to smash pennies. Flatten them into hot, thin wafers embossed with images from vacation spots around the country… maybe even the world. They whine for two quarters and the shiniest, newest one-cent coin from their parents, only to mutilate them with a few cranks of a massive rolling […]

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Monday my son heads back to school. Saturday he finally agreed to get his hair cut. This was seriously epic. The guy has CrAzY hair. Long, blond, curly, and OUT. TO. HERE. That adventure, by far, upstaged going on a photo hike. I wish I could show Before/After shots – he’s shy. He had four […]

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