Monday my son heads back to school. Saturday he finally agreed to get his hair cut. This was seriously epic. The guy has CrAzY hair. Long, blond, curly, and OUT. TO. HERE.

That adventure, by far, upstaged going on a photo hike. I wish I could show Before/After shots – he’s shy. He had four inches cut and it’s still Samson hair. When he got all the weight cut off, it got even curlier. Take my word for it.. it is fabulous.

But… it took a good chunk of the morning and by the time we were done, it was just too late and too stinkin’ hot. To compensate for not getting out on a hike, I instead stayed home and dabbled in another favorite pastime… making jewelry.

This little hobby won’t make me rich or famous, but it is relaxing. I typically just make things for myself. I have gifted a few friends and family with items, but I don’t think any of it’s good enough to do anything more than that. And… I worry that the people I do give pieces to, think that I’m just being cheap.

I’ve been participating in another meme wherein I share 30 Days of Shamelessness. I’m skipping around today and sharing Day #7: share your efforts at something you don’t think you do well.

This week’s photos are from my latest attempts at jewelry making.

(Photos shot with a Nikon D60, using an 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 20mm f/2.8 wide-angle, 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, Nikon CoolPix S205 and/or iPhone4)

For more photos, please visit my Flickr photostream.

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I believe all good fiction includes an element of truth, and all good photography includes an element of fantasy. In this journal I hope to give voice to the stories swirling around in my head, and to capture the images I see through my camera’s lens.

25 thoughts on “Wired

  1. I have a whole slew of jewelry making supplies sitting in my craft room just waiting to be torn into! This post made me even more antsy to get it out and going. Those buttons are absolutely stunning!


  2. Lovely necklace! I make jewelry too, it’s it relaxing and fun to wear what you just created!

    Aww, I wish we could before/after pictures of his hair cut!!


  3. Very pretty jewelry and great pictures. I’ve tried making jewelry but I just don’t have that delicate touch that it takes. I imagine with skills like that you could be a brain surgeon. LOL


  4. Really, just beautiful. The photographs AND the jewelry!

    Plus I think you should shoot some photos of your son’s hair from behind, so he can keep his anonymity but we can still see his curls!!!

    I love your photography. I always thought you had a macro lens but I am surprised to see you didn’t list one! Such gorgeous stuff.


  5. i wish you could TRULY know the talent that you have regarding photography and jewelry making and writing. you are MARVELOUS at all three and have some serious skills. I heart you. And I love your jewelry! PS: I like that meme, perhaps I will play along! 🙂


  6. I love the jewellery you have made. I have only tried once and didn’t realise until after I had worn the earrings I had made that they didn’t match AT ALL! Note to self – do not drink wine when trying to make pretty jewellery to wear in a wedding.


  7. Wish we could see the hair! 🙂 I’ll bet it looks great. My boys have been into the buzz cut since their high school years. I always wonder what they’d look like with more hair on their heads.


  8. I love the pliers too. Wonderful close-ups. And I think the jewelry is lovely.

    Years ago when I was young and poor, every Christmas gift came from my old sewing machine (the men ties, the women aprons). Trust me, your jewelry is so much nicer.


  9. I love shots like these… these are so much fun and so personal! I think the jewelry is beautiful! We are always hardest on ourselves, and anyone who thinks giving handmade jewelry is cheap is not a friend. (IMO) I LOVE stuff like this!!!!


  10. Why are we so hard on ourselves? I do the same thing…sometimes I think if I was my friend I would dump me just because I put myself down all the time.

    If you were my friend and gave me your handmade jewelry, I would hug you!!! It’s beautiful!!!!!!

    I’m sure your son’s hair looks wonderful!!!!! How I wish for curls!

    Thank you so much for coming by my blog.


    1. Tara – love the blog header!

      I understand on the jewelry – many times I end up adding a handmade gift to the “regular (real) gift. When I had a crafts company it was different as I’d put a price on things and other people would buy them, therefor they were “real” gifts. Odd how we rationalize down our worth or time.

      Your pieces are lovely. I can see an appreciate the symetrical beauty of your wire wrapping the (jasper or agate?) pieces. WHERE did you get those buttons (abalone??). They are gorgeous.


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