Forgiveness is not always an option

I am angry and, at this point in time, not even contemplating offering forgiveness to the person I feel betrayed me.

It’s a pattern. One that is fueled by a lust for attention, and if truth doesn’t provide it, lying can.

It makes it all the more vile that this betrayal was not limited to me and mine, but extended to others close to me. That the duplicity was not from one person, but aggravated by a second.

My frustration is multiplied in that confrontation by me will be futile. Any attempts by me to show how similar events were not simply a misunderstanding, have historically been met with defensive denials. This is not the first time rumor and lies have recklessly been presented as facts.

I shared this latest incident with my adult daughter. She has access to information I don’t, and I wanted her to monitor this information for any further attempts to pass on these lies. Her reaction both pleased me (a vehement display of support) and worried me (the level of her vehemence was stunning).

We both agreed that we limit contact with these people, being that completely cutting them off is not a realistic option. Luckily, we do live far enough apart that occasions to be around them are already infrequent.

I’m being purposely cryptic because these lies created and shared were about children, and I don’t want to add insult to injury. But, I am beyond livid.

These people will be told why I no longer wish to be around them, and I have no qualms about walking away. I can’t see them changing and I can’t imagine a heartfelt apology is forthcoming. Two things that need to happen if we are going to have any sort of relationship.

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